Teen Addiction Treatment & Rehab Center in Florida (ages 13-17)

Why choose Family center For Recovery for your Teen? The adolescent brain is extremely sensitive neurologically, and when your teen’s behavior indicates a need for intervention we are prepared to offer immediate, evidence based treatment to help get your teen back on track. Our Treatment Team is led by Dr. Robert Moran, our Medical Director and dedicated quadruple board psychiatrist. Dr. Moran specializes in the challenges of adolescent treatment. Understanding the brain’s development during this period of rapid growth is essential to being able to discern and treat the underlying cause of behavioral difficulties.

Our exceptional clinical care is guided by our knowledge of the complexity of adolescent brain development. Dr. Moran has the expertise to understand the constellation of psychological and behavioral symptoms a teen presents and to differentiate what is organic and requires medication. Being specialists in adolescent psychopharmacology, medications will be prescribed and administered with your knowledge and consent. With Dr. Moran’s guidance, our Master Level Clinical Team will implement therapeutic modalities best suited for your teen.

We understand that no one knows your child as you do, and we welcome families into the treatment process beginning at the initial assessment stage. Our Family Programs address healthy communication within the family and offer assistance in determining and implementing developmentally appropriate boundaries. Family Center For Recovery is here with supportive services every step of the way, including following discharge. Please call us to have a confidential conversation about how Family Center For Recovery can help.

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How Our Adolescent Teen Treatment Program Works

The Family Center for Recovery will lead the fight to get your young one well again. Our adolescent treatment program provides gender-separated facilities, offering care at every level for teen mental health. We address all psychiatric disorders, including all family issues.

We will give your child the tools to become a supportive member of society. Treatment with us doesn’t mean a break from schooling. Education is never forgotten. Students continue with school using Florida Virtual School or continue with work sent from their hometown school.

Our goal is to improve your adolescent’s mental and physical health and get them back home, to their lives and to their loved ones.

Treatment with Minimal Educational Interruptions

Academics: Education is an important component in our teen treatment program. We recognize that troubled teens often experience challenges staying on track with schooling. We are prepared to help assess their current educational work with the school they have been attending. Florida Virtual School options are also available. The environment in our computer lab is designed to limit distraction and support attentive focus. Well trained staff members are always present to assist teens as they progress toward success on their daily assignments.

Recovery takes a Family

There are many components to our Family Programs. Loving someone that is struggling with mental health issues is hard. The entire family system is affected by the loved one’s maladaptive behaviors and in response the family often suffers from confusion, frustration, guilt, shame, and a lack of understanding about what is happening to themselves and their loved one. Family Center’s Teen Treatment Program is here to help you every step of the way.

Family Weekend is an intense, experiential and educational time of immersion over a three day period. Held every 8-10 weeks, family weekends give you the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of mental health conditions and our treatment model. You will attend educational sessions presented by Dr. Moran and our therapeutic team, participate in community meetings, be introduced to support group options, enjoy excellent food and fellowship and spend time with your loved ones if therapeutically appropriate. Learn more about Family Weekend.

GroupMe is an app, available on computer and phone, specially designed for 24/7 connection. Similar to Facebook, (without the faces), once invited to participate in this closed group you have access to a continuing stream of posts by other family members. Questions and answers flow freely as family members relate, support and share information about their own experiences. Often members develop strong supportive relationships with those they have a lot in common with and wonderful friendships are forged.

Weekly Conference Calls are held every Tuesday evening, led by a master level therapist, these calls are an opportunity for family members to address topics of interest and share in the benefit of real time information and guidance.

Family Center for Recovery knows you, the family, are instrumental in the success of your loved one. Participation in our group meetings is a key component of the program coupled with individual family sessions when therapeutically appropriate. As your loved one starts getting healthy, it is crucial the family is getting healthy as well. As we move through treatment together, we can slowly re-introduce you and your loved one back in to each other’s lives in a healthy way.

Smiling teenage boy posing with his parents in the background

Neuro-cognitive Testing and Enhancement Program

At Family Center For Recovery we understand that teens development occurs across a spectrum with different parts of the brain and body maturing at different rates, all within the “normal” or healthy range. The brain continues to develop and mature into the mid- twenties. For the growing teen this can affect perception, impulse control, decision making, judgement, and the ability to concentrate.

ADHD is an area of special concern as recent evidence based research shows that diagnostic errors are common and criteria for this diagnosis needs to be carefully evaluated. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a brain disorder marked by an ongoing pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity that interferes with functioning or development. This specialized focus is in addition to standard psychiatric and substance use index scales used in the assessment process.

We find oftentimes cognitive limitations may affect how your loved one responds to certain therapeutic techniques and this gives us an idea of what else we can be working on while they are in treatment. Executive functioning, verbal memory, visual memory, cognitive flexibility, psychomotor speed, reaction time, simple attention and complex attention are some of the areas of the brain we look at.

In addition to cognitive testing, we have separate testing for ADHD to assist in determining appropriate diagnoses. We find that ADHD is sometimes a term thrown around too loosely and before diagnosing our patients we need to be sure they fit the criteria.

Moreover, we do additional testing such as substance use index scales, along with several other modalities of gauging our patient’s history and overall functioning.

Learn More About Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Staying active is good for the mind

Physical Health: As part of the assessment process, your teen will receive a physical exam complete with basic blood work to help us rule out and /or treat any physical conditions that may be affecting mood or behavior.

Nutrition: Here at Family Center For Recovery meals are “created” with the understanding of a teen’s nutritional needs. Three balanced meals are served daily with a wide array of fresh fruit and healthy snacks available throughout the day.

Exercise and Recreation: Activity periods are scheduled throughout the day to encourage movement and physical health. Family Center’s swimming pool, and basketball area are popular choices with our teens. We also have a small gym on site equipped with cardio and weight bearing equipment. All physical activity is closely supervised to ensure safety.

Barbecues, movie nights, games, Foosball tournaments, occasional field trips and attendance at outside support groups are also part of our curriculum for fun!

Get The Help You Deserve!

Family Center For Recovery provides the best quality care for you or your loved one, we will give you the proper diagnosis to help you regain your life.

Get The Help You Deserve!

Family Center For Recovery provides the best quality care for you or your loved one, we will give you the proper diagnosis to help you regain your life.