Family Center For Recovery

Family Center for Recovery takes the patients most treatment centers in the United States can’t. Why? Because our facility is the only facility in Florida owned and operated by a quadruple-board certified addiction psychiatrist.


Residential Treatment, PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program), IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program), and Transitional Living.


Family Center for Recovery is state certified to treat Mental Health with AHCA license, DCF and Joint Commission accredited.


We are owned and operated by a quadruple board-certified psychiatrist who is fully involved in patient care, not just a consultant.

Evidence-based Practices

Here at Family center For Recovery we utilize Evidence-based practices to help get our patients heathly.Evidence based practice (EBP) is ‘the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values’ which when applied by practitioners will ultimately lead to improved patient outcome.


12-step Program is a set of guidelines that consists of principles which outline a specific course of action for patients recovering from addiction, obsessive compulsive disorders and miscellaneous behavioral issues.


Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) provides patients with new management skills for painful emotions, as well as tools for decreasing conflict in relationships.


Cognitive behavioral therapy is designed to aid patients suffering from a wide range of mental health concerns like depression and anger management problems, as well as conditions like substance abuse, eating disorders, phobias, and more.


This particular therapy delves into systems that draw from the concept of a family being an emotional unit.


Contingency management (CM) is often utilized in the treatment of substance use disorder, being implemented as behavior analysis.


Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) offers normative-based feedback and prospects patient motivation to be altered in reaction to that feedback.


Motivational interviewing (MI) is a patient-centered therapy style for bringing about behavior change by assisting patients to resolve his or her ambivalence.


A form of depth psychology, Psychodynamic psychotherapy primarily focuses on revealing the unconscious content of a patient’s psyche, the goal being to ease psychic tension.

Get The Help You Deserve!

Family Center For Recovery provides the best quality care for you or your loved one, we will give you the proper diagnosis to help you regain your life.

Get The Help You Deserve!

Family Center For Recovery provides the best quality care for you or your loved one, we will give you the proper diagnosis to help you regain your life.

Get to know our founder, Dr. Robert A. Moran

Dr. Robert Moran is the owner, CEO, & Medical Director of Faily Center For Recovery
Dr Robert Moran
Dr Robert Moran 2

Dr. Robert A. Moran

Our founder, Dr. Robert A. Moran, is quadruple Board Certified in Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry, Preventative Medicine and Addiction Medicine by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and the American Board of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Moran is passionate about impacting the field of mental health, including substance use disorder treatment, and is dedicated to providing ethical, evidence based treatment.

He was a clinical instructor of psychiatry at Nova Southeastern University and University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, as well as a psychiatric resident instructor and a volunteer faculty member for almost 50 medical education institutions around the United States. Since 1993, Dr. Moran has dedicated his life to the study and treatment of psychiatric disorders, and is at the forefront of substance use disorder treatment.

“I realized that there were whole groups of people not being treated because their cases might be too difficult or not profitable enough. I’ve dedicated my life to helping the people no one else will.”

— Dr. Robert A. Moran, M.D., F.A.P.A., F.A.S.A.M.

FCFR Offers Unique Treatment Programs!

We are owned and operated by a quadruple board-certified psychiatrist who is fully involved in patient care, not just a consultant.

Adolescent Program (13 -17)

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Adult Program (18+)

Beautiful pregnant woman relaxing in the park

Pregnant Women


LGBTQ Friendly

Family Center Recent News & Blog

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  Through the Looking Glass: Edition 2 By Our Beloved Staff The stigma of having any mental disorder is very much more prevalent than we think. Growing up in Jamaica; disgrace and forlornness were always associated with any individual with mental illness. Without knowing better, I had grown in acceptance of this idea. When I…


Changing the Stigma on Mental Health

Stigma and Mental Health Stigma- A negative stereotype. Mental Health – conditions that affect your mood, thinking and behavior Society’s Acceptance – Very Low Why? – Ignorance and a lack of Empathy Being diagnosed with a condition that affects the brain, which one has no control over, leaves so many answered and unanswered questions by…


A Common Question: Treating Bipolar Disorder

      Bipolar disorder may be a difficult diagnosis to live with, and finding successful personalized treatments is challenging. Oftentimes, treatment targets shift, patients are non-adherent to medication regimens, and comorbidity rates are extremely high.[1] Unfortunately, bipolar disorder is also associated with high rates of suicide, usually with more lethal means than other mental…


Through the Looking Glass

Embracing the “Failure” of Relapse Let’s get something straight relapse is not part of the process! It does happen often but let’s not get confused. Now if perhaps, you do relapse in recovery there is always something you can learn from this. “It’s failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.” – Ellen DeGeneres.…


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