Testimonials From The Amazing FCFR Staff

Below are some testimonials from some of staff of Family Center For Recovery.
Josefina Munoz

Previous to working for Family Center For Recovery was a family member with a love one receiving treatment at our facility. He was in our facility for 2yrs 8 months. My experience with excellence in treatment at FCFR contributed in a positive way my development as a FCFR staff since 2018. I have a background in advertising and public relations in my professional education. I’ve employed my previous work experience to develop a strong outreach strategy targeted to Puerto Rico’s mental health market. Since the beginning I’ve wanted to make sure FCFR became the first choice for referrals from Hospitals and Psychiatrists in the island.

It has been an amazing and exciting journey since I started although very challenging. Significant natural disasters where big obstacles at the time in terms of communication and getting work done and health insurances make it very difficult for me to this day but none will stop me on the contrary. Difficulties have helped me develop new creative ways to continue my work as a vehicle to aid families in receiving the treatment they need since there are no residential facilities to the ever growing population suffering from mental health illnesses locally.

My loyalty to the facility as an employee and my passion for my work has been driven by my gratitude to the quality of care, dedication of Dr Moran and the staff who saved my love one life. What I received at FCFR I’ve used it as my most valuable asset in promoting our treatment center because I lived the experience of what FCFR can offer to my fellow citizens in need of mental health residential services.

Fred Gall

Watching patients that come into the facility broken, beaten, depressed, manic, addicted to drugs just to name a few and seeing them transformed to productive members of society is a gift! That’s the main reason I work here.

Rachel Tea

I have been employed by Family Center for Recovery for 8 years. Over the course of the last 8 years I have seen and been a part of so many people’s lives. They come to us in what most would say the worst condition in their life and I have witnessed countless times where staff and the Medical Director have been able to get through to them and the patient become a very healthy member of society. I have seen patients come to us hopeless and broken and upon leaving our care completely put back together as one might say and hopeful for the future and life ahead of them. It truly is a one of a kind experience. The Medical Director here takes all the initiative possible to make sure each and every patient is given the best opportunity to become healthy and the approach in doing so is a one of a kind. Not only is the approach one of kind but it speaks volumes with our care to our patients. Our patients take priority and so do their families, as the mental health of their loved one touches each and every member of the family. Family Center for Recovery is one of a kind and no other will be able to ever match it.

James Keane

I’ve been involved with Family Center For Recovery in one capacity or another for 8 years.

I’ve been through the good times, and the tough times (the moves, and the challenges in the recovery industry). One thing has remained constant, the best care for the patients. I firmly believe that we are one of the finest facilities for patient care. The care of the patients, the teamwork, and the great work environment is why I stay with this awesome organization. We truly help people.

Mariana Lovecchio

I love how much I have grown in the 2 ½ years working here. Our staff and company culture is always operated with a positive attitude and outlook. I love working here because of how much we care about the well-being of our patients. I’m honored to have been given the opportunity to work alongside Dr. Moran and learn so much. FCFR empowers me every day to continue to help families and patient’s that have been effected by mental illness.

John Boyles

With decades in this field, including my own participation as a recovering alcoholic, I can say with authority that Family Center for Recovery is at the top of their field.

Khymberley Parks

Hello my name is Khymberley,

I’ve worked for FCFR for 5 months now and I absolutely love it! I’m also 7 years in recovery and stability myself and seeing how Dr. Moran works with and for his patients and their family makes me wish that I myself and sister had him as my Dr during my recovery and integration back into society from rehabilitation. The staff at transitional are constantly teaching me new things and new ways of speaking to and working with patients and how to de escalate high tension situations. As a medical assistant I never knew what to expect in behavioral health but I’ll tell you it has been the best experience I’ve ever had in my working career, as well as the biggest learning experience . Our supervisor and assistant supervisors are always there to help with any situation you need help with. Rachel, Harley, Dylan and Nicole are always on hand for any question whether you work at the clinical building or the transitional site, no matter the location each will answer. Assistant supervisor Harley is always there to help, guide and teach all his staff at Transitional with hesitation. All departments work great together! And every coordinator at transitional and clinical are always available to help new employees learn and follow every rule! I’m so grateful to have been given this position and the opportunity to work with Adolescents, detox/residential and all 3 parts of transitional (Adolescents, php and IOP/OP) with encouragement from all Assistant supervisors and Rachel.

Eliana Azarian

This is the first therapeutic job that I felt like I was truly making a difference in people’s lives. It was not a coincidence that at every company I worked for in the past, the company called those seeking services “clients.” At FCFR, we see those in need as “patients”. I felt demotivated in the past, feeling like quality of care took a back seat to profits. I questioned my career choice, many times. I wanted to help people, not make money off them. If I wanted to be in sales or business, I would have. My first interview was with treatment team. I walked into a conference room, pre COVID of course, and it felt like I was exactly where I needed to be. At the table sat, Dr. Moran, the clinical director, the therapists, the supervisor of coordinators, the director of nursing, the utilization review specialist, and about 15 students in white coats. Rather than talking about increasing profits or expanding billable hours, we sat and talked about the patient’s care for well over an hour. My entire perspective as a clinician shifted. Since then, my faith in my profession has been restored. I feel the quality of care we give our patients is superior. FCFR takes different disciplines of care such as nursing, therapy, and psychiatry and integrates them like a well-oiled machine. FCFR takes it a step farther and not only treats the patient, but seeks to make changes in the patient’s family to allow for sustainable change. I am proud to work for FCFR and can say confidently we are changing lives for the better.

Donna Entwisle

Ten years ago I met with Dr. Moran looking for a job opportunity,  It has and still is a great opportunity to work at Family Center For Recovery.  I have had an incredible journey FCFR has offered me growth opportunity by recognizing my abilities.  I am grateful to work for an organization that never gives up on their patients. Working with a team that that has a common vision and is dedicated to provide evidenced based psychiatric treatment to our patients with the families involvement.

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Get The Help You Deserve!

Family Center For Recovery provides the best quality care for you or your loved one, we will give you the proper diagnosis to help you regain your life.

Get The Help You Deserve!

Family Center For Recovery provides the best quality care for you or your loved one, we will give you the proper diagnosis to help you regain your life.