Testimonials From Family Members Of Our Patients

Below are some testimonials from some of Family Center For Recovery’s patients families.
Jeannie C.

My son was 14 years old when he entered treatment at Family Center for Recovery. He had suicidal thoughts, hallucinations and delusions, and desperately needed a proper medication regime and accurate diagnoses. We had been trying to determine what was wrong for almost a decade already. We were depleted and discouraged from all of the previous attempts, even from highly regarded doctors and hospitals.

FCFR was the beginning of a journey for our entire family, not just for our son. He did, indeed, receive the diagnoses, medications and therapy that he so desperately needed, and became stable and healthy. Along the way, we were supported by hundreds of other families, provided with resources to learn all we could about our son’s illness, and treated as family by the psychiatrist and everyone on the treatment team. We were advised to seek our own personal therapy, and taught about how every family member is affected by and responsible for contributing to the recovery of the patient.

I believe it was no coincidence that this particular treatment program was successful with our son where others had failed. Part of it is the family education and support mentioned above. Another critical difference is that the psychiatrist who owns and operates FCFR is quadruple-certified in his field. This is rare. It is also rare to find a program that does not rush patients through, but instead realizes that they must all heal at their own pace. Determining an accurate diagnosis along with the most effective medications where needed, takes time and careful monitoring. If this process is rushed or cut short, treatment is compromised. Perhaps the most important difference in this program is that it operates under evidence-based treatment methods, which exponentially improves the odds of success for patients who are willing to fully participate in their treatment.
Sadly, the vast majority of treatment centers in Florida are not operated by qualified psychiatrists like Dr. Moran, but by people with no medical training whatsoever. The “treatment” being provided is ineffective at best and dangerous at worst. So many well-meaning families have been fooled by slick advertising, only to find that their loved one is not receiving appropriate treatment in any way.

A year after my son was admitted, he was thriving as an outpatient. In fact, he was in remission from any psychiatric symptoms, something we had never thought possible. That’s when things fell apart for me quite suddenly and completely unexpectedly. I did not have a history of mental illness, although I did carry a genetic predisposition and had undergone chronic stress for years in a variety of areas of my life.

I was 54 years old, I had advanced degrees and a successful professional career. I had taught as a college professor and owned my own editing business. But none of that mattered at all. I had developed a late-onset major psychiatric disorder that I would now carry with me for the rest of my life. That’s when I learned that mental illness does not play favorites. It can happen at any time, and when it did, we knew exactly where to look for help. I became a patient at FCFR, and I shudder to think what could have happened to me had we not already known and trusted this program and this doctor.

I surrendered to the program immediately, following every medication protocol, attending every therapy session, and working cooperatively with the treatment team in our mutual goal of restoring my mental health. My husband and children were involved in my journey along the way. This was almost three years ago, and I am living a healthy life, free of symptoms. It’s a lifelong journey for those of us who have psychiatric illnesses, but when treated by the experts – FCFR – that journey can be one of joy and fulfillment.

FCFR has my eternal gratitude, and that’s why I can honestly recommend this program as being heads and shoulders above any other. There’s just no comparison.

Josefina Munoz

Previous to working for Family Center For Recovery was a family member with a love one receiving treatment at our facility. He was in our facility for 2yrs 8 months. My experience with excellence in treatment at FCFR contributed in a positive way my development as a FCFR staff since 2018. I have a background in advertising and public relations in my professional education. I’ve employed my previous work experience to develop a strong outreach strategy targeted to Puerto Rico’s mental health market. Since the beginning I’ve wanted to make sure FCFR became the first choice for referrals from Hospitals and Psychiatrists in the island.

It has been an amazing and exciting journey since I started although very challenging. Significant natural disasters where big obstacles at the time in terms of communication and getting work done and health insurances make it very difficult for me to this day but none will stop me on the contrary. Difficulties have helped me develop new creative ways to continue my work as a vehicle to aid families in receiving the treatment they need since there are no residential facilities to the ever growing population suffering from mental health illnesses locally.

My loyalty to the facility as an employee and my passion for my work has been driven by my gratitude to the quality of care, dedication of Dr Moran and the staff who saved my love one life. What I received at FCFR I’ve used it as my most valuable asset in promoting our treatment center because I lived the experience of what FCFR can offer to my fellow citizens in need of mental health residential services.

Danny D.

“My son has shown marked improvement in almost every facet of life. The doctor and his staff have bent over backwards to help my family through a very tough time. Some people ask me why I chose this center.

My answer is very simple. I have been sending my son to normal therapists and doctors for years. I will take the doctor who is not afraid to go out on a limb, the doctor who will do whatever it takes to save my son’s life over some cookie cutter doctor who has been keeping him sick for years.”

Paul F.

“I first want to thank Dr Moran and the wonderful and caring staff. We found this center by chance, only after other facilities wouldn’t take him. Thank God they didn’t. I cannot express how thankful our family is that he is being treated here.

We were able to attend our first family weekend shortly after he was admitted. Boy was that an eye opener. Dr Moran’s lecture was incredible. Also, to see how the community works was amazing. I understand so much more now about mental health and addiction.

Also how important it is for the family members to be on board and work on our own recovery to help our loved ones be successful with the program. I’ve attended four family weekends and though the information in the lecture is somewhat the same, I leave there learning more each time.

I am happy to report that my son is doing incredible. Thinking back on how he was when he got there to how he is now is just something shy of a miracle. I have also been able to meet other patients that came in around the same time my son was admitted that are also showing similar progress as my son. KUDOS to Dr Moran, the caring staff and the support group. They are life savers. Thank you again for all of your help.”

Priscilla B.

“By the time my 19 year old son was admitted, he was still struggling with mania- a new diagnosis that was not effectively treated in the 6 or 7 hospitals or treatment centers that discharged him. For almost an entire year, he bounced from hospital to treatment center –or to jail. Treatment centers that claimed they could support him sent him back to the hospital.

This center did not. THAT is because it is owned and run by a highly qualified and passionate PSYCHIATRIST who specializes in treating clients with tough mental illnesses like my son’s bipolar disorder.

Unlike many treatment centers that claim to have sufficient medical staff to address a client’s psychiatric needs, Dr. Moran sees his patients EVERY DAY–that’s the secret to stabilizing clients, particularly when they have just been discharged from the hospital or are in residential treatment. Dr. Moran is committed to fully understanding each client’s needs and addresses his clients by name. Always. (Who else does that????).

When no one else could help my son, Dr. Moran came through with flying colors and continues to support my son. I can’t thank him and his support staff enough.”

Stephen I.

My son was a resident at Family Center for Recovery. He was there primarily for addiction issues. Dr. Moran, the Psychiatrist/Owner is intensely bright with a deep insight into the nature of addiction. He is an amazing group facilitator and is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get into the thick of it, not just for the kids but for the parents as well.

I was told I was part of the problem, not the solution, with specific feedback on things to work on. Recovery is a life long journey as we all know but some seeds were planted at Family Center that decrease the odds of my son dying from drugs.

I am most grateful for the fact that Dr.Moran offered my son and I the option of living at his facility for intensive outpatient treatment. That kindness is rare and indicative of the caring and love that exists at this facility.”

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Family Center For Recovery provides the best quality care for you or your loved one, we will give you the proper diagnosis to help you regain your life.

Get The Help You Deserve!

Family Center For Recovery provides the best quality care for you or your loved one, we will give you the proper diagnosis to help you regain your life.