Family center For Recovery's Adult Program (18+)

FCFR has a very unique approach to treatment, we also use Evidence-based Practices In the care for our patients.

Our Unique Approach to Treatment

When a patient enters our treatment facility, they receive a psychiatric evaluation, biopsychosocial assessment, cognitive testing, and numerous scales to determine what their immediate needs are. Once we get a grasp on the conditions our patients are experiencing, our psychiatrist and clinical team can then determine the appropriate level of care and treatment plan. It is important to note that our medical and clinical team see the patients daily while at the higher levels of care such as detox, residential and PHP. This allows us to be fully in-tune with all behaviors and thought processes that our patients experience, day-in and day-out. This is of critical importance when treating any psychiatric illness, whether it be depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, borderline personality disorder or even a substance use disorder.

Family Center for Recovery is licensed by the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA). This means that we treat primary mental health disorders, with or without substance use disorder present. We, unlike many other programs, actually get to the underlying diagnoses that are disabling our patients’ daily lives. Here at FCFR, we pride ourselves on getting the right diagnoses, the right medications and creating the right treatment plan to improve adult mental health. Our highly trained medical and clinical staff allows us to accomplish this better than anyone else in the industry.

You and your loved one deserve to be treated by a psychiatrist and a highly trained clinical team. Please ensure that when looking into any program, that the decisions will always be made by medical staff, and that the program has the appropriate mental health licensure to ensure diagnoses are not missed. FCFR’s model of treatment is used to continue propelling the treatment industry forward in the right direction.

Psychiatric Evaluation

Once admitted to FCFR, your loved one will undergo a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation to determine appropriate level of care, medications and treatment plans. It is important to note that our medical and clinical team will review all previous records from hospitalizations, other treatment facilities and individual MD’s and therapists that your loved one may have seen throughout your lifetime. This, coupled with our independent observations, interviews and scales will help to create the most effective treatment plan. From our psychiatrist’s perspective, it is important to recognize that no patient should be given a psychiatric diagnosis without proper evidence, and furthermore, once a diagnosis is made, it doesn’t mean that it will remain the diagnosis forever. We refer to this as a working diagnosis, acknowledging that in order for psychiatric illness to be treated effectively, we must always be alert and aware of new behaviors and thought processes that our patients are experiencing. The majority of patient families that find FCFR are grateful to have finally been diagnosed properly and that they are receiving the right medications. Our success in this area is mainly due to the fact that our psychiatrist is involved with out patients 24/7. This is uncommon in this industry even though it should be standard across the board.

Treatment Plans

Treating the illness is our number one priority. Although some patients may share the same diagnoses, every patient experiences treatment differently, with the same core concepts. If one of our patients with bipolar disorder has a hard time staying away from substances, while another patient with the same diagnosis has hone through a traumatic experience, they will participate in separate groups according to their needs. One would attend a relapse prevention group while the other foes to trauma group or grief and loss group/ Depending on the patent, their history, and behaviors, FCFR determines the most appropriate treatment plans and goals to promote balanced adult mental health. Beyond the weekly individual therapy sessions with their Primary Therapist, groups can consist of any of the following: Grief/Loss, Trauma, 12 Step facilitation, Medication Education, Psychiatric Disorders Education, CBT/DBT, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Contingency Management, Motivation Enhancement, Social Cognition, Self Esteem, Life Skills, Art Therapy, Family Systems, Health and Wellness, Codependency, Men’s and Women’s Groups etc.

Neurocognitive Testing

Not all patients enter treatment with the same cognitive functioning. Some have damaged parts of their brains with substance use while others have psychiatric illness that effects cognitive abilities. Upon admission at FCFR, we provide cognitive testing that helps to tease apart specific cognitive deficits that can affect the patient throughout their recovery. The different areas of the brain include: Executive Functioning,Verbal Memory, Visual Memory, Cognitive Flexibility, Psychomotor Speed, Reaction Time, Simple Attention, Complex Attention. Once we determine the areas in which our patient may be struggling, we create approximately 30 minute workouts that occur most days throughout the week, each specifically addressing  the deficient areas. This greatly improves brain functioning and allows our patients to begin feeling better about themselves, giving them more confidence in recovery. Our testing also helps us to determine which type of assignments or jobs a patient may or may not do well with. Cognitive testing isn’t mandatory for mental health treatment and is rarely used, but at FCFR we believe in rebuilding the brain and going above and beyond to create success for our patients.

Vocational Counseling

Getting back into the workforce is a key part of recovery for many of our patients. It’s one thing to get stabilized in higher levels of care, but another thing to use the coping skills you’ve learned to handle “everyday” stressors. FCFR helps with resume building, interview preparation, professional clothing and even works with employers to assist in obtaining jobs. we are proud to be able to help and monitor our patients as they go through this process. If they need extra help, we are there without hesitation. Once our patients begin work, they start transitioning through levels, each providing new rewards and privileges now that they’ve shown they can handle the daily stressors. The system exists to catch our patients when they struggle and  to reward our patients when they succeeded.

Get The Help You Deserve!

Family Center For Recovery provides the best quality care for you or your loved one, we will give you the proper diagnosis to help you regain your life.

Get The Help You Deserve!

Family Center For Recovery provides the best quality care for you or your loved one, we will give you the proper diagnosis to help you regain your life.